Quality at a fair price

Pierre-Alexandre possesses a unique experience, not only in financial advisory and financial modelling in the financial capital of Europe but more generally at the crossroads of two cultures and various industries. As such, he is able to make high-quality, bespoke and punchy deliverables.

His economic and financial training sessions are highly practical and fun. They aim to demystify finance and transactions while resorting to vivid, real-life examples to enliven what would otherwise be considered as a highly technical, therefore boring subject. Spreading good financial communication practices to reduce the potential for errors (notably when it comes to modelling with Excel) is his main objective.

Pierre’s advice are also helpful to French SMEs in a globalised economy, in which the ability to conquer new markets abroad or raise finance on the international marketplace requires convincing communication in proper English, as it is the new lingua franca. Conversely, for Anglo-Saxon businesses trying to enter francophone markets, Pierre’s French culture and mastery of the French language will prove invaluable. Either way, having Pierre as your advisor and ambassador will greatly serve your export strategy.